BF Calc

A basic boardfoot calculator with ability to save different sized and priced lumbers.
This will provide a project overview with the rough totals.

v3.0 Features: (now available!)
– waste percentage calculations
– ability to set decimal point for fractional measurements

v2.0 Features:
– updated interface for a streamlined layout
– updated PDF attachment for a cleaner look
– updated to now work with iPhone5+ 4inch screen
– fixed misc bug crash

v1.3 Features:
– ability to add miscellaneous charges
– miscellaneous charges extended to pdf email attachment

v1.2 Features:
– ability to add a description for each individual calculation

v1.1 Features:
– ability to setup and save different projects
– ability to assign/edit project name

V1.0 Features:
– ability to add different sized and priced lumber entries
– ability to edit entries
– ability to delete entries
– auto calculate grand total
– ability to email a pdf of the list entries

Click on the screenshot for a full size view.